A portrait of a human, with deep-looking eyes and a painted face. Source: Loner Wolf

A design philosophy incorporates not only the professional expertise of a designer but also an essential part of his personality. It is the core motivation, the base for every successful project, and the anchoring point for every fall.

A bright start

I’ve started the UX Design path with a lot of enthusiasm and eagerness to learn as much as possible, do things, and accumulate experience. In the first years, it was great. I received good feedback, I improved my user interface skills, and I was able to deliver the required design. I worked day in and day out, and I was proud of…

Being healthy means that we can do a lot of things by ourselves. We can buy our groceries, go to restaurants, use public or personal transportation, even climb the mountains and use any device we need. We feel empowered, confident in the future. We have a world designed for us, even if we don’t realize that.

Now imagine having a disability, let’s say your right leg is broken. Instead of taking five minutes to go to the shop to buy milk it would take you over thirty minutes and a lot of frustration. There is no way you could easily…

Tot vorbim despre reforme și despre idealuri. Despre dreptate. Despre copiii noștri pentru care vrem un viitor luminos. Despre cerul de azi, prea întunecat de risipa noastră.

Vrem o lume mai bună, o țară mai bună, un job mai fain. O familie înțelegătoare. Străzi curate și iarbă deasă între blocuri. Poate chiar parcări subterane. O lume nouă, în care nu suntem nici prea mulți și nici prea puțini. Conducători cărora le pasă.

Suntem convinși că viața poate fi frumoasă. Dar alegem, deocamdată, să ne conformăm. Să mergem cu mașina până la birou. Că de mâine ne luăm bicicletă. Sau poate…

Florentina Sarov

Passionate about inclusive & accessible design.

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